Some Awesome Apps-2

  1. Mailbox


App unites emails from different accounts on one platform only.


  1. 5BY


It offers more than 100 video channels and works as a social network: it is possible to talk about audiovisual archives and find friends with the same interests.


  1. Dailymotion


With this app you can access the entire contents of videos from Dailymotion platform.


  1. LINK


Social networking allows the profiling and allows search by region.


  1. minube


Recognizes the location where each of the user’s album photos was taken and allow the inclusion of texts and maps.


  1. Equalizer


Allows the equalization of music in 10 settings available based on musical genres.


  1. Creator of Videos- Collage


Helps create montages with multiple photos.


  1. FrontBack


Captures and shares images of the front and back cameras of the cell quickly, uniting them.


  1. Obscure


It works along the lines of snapchat. Besides allowing pictures sent with stickers and included texts, lets recipients request the original photo.


  1. Google Fit


Helps the user to carry out and monitor physical activities, displays activity recommendations and allows you to set goals.


  1. lettrs


Allows the creation of letters and voice messages and sharing via email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Monki Chinese Class


The app brings Chinese lessons for children at three levels of difficulty.


  1. Telegram


Application messages that functions as WhatsApp.


  1. Samba: Videos + Reactions


For the user to send videos to friends and record their reactions.


  1. (OFFTIME)


With (OFFTIME) can restrict access to all applications and create profiles that block calls, messages and notifications.


  1. Child Mode & Time Education


It works in two ways: blocking certain applications and phone functions and provides a timer so that the children’s play time is controlled.


  1. Rundavoo


Agenda collective tasks. Through it is possible to organize activities with friends, family and coworkers.


  1. Univision Deportes


Brings key information from the Spanish coverage of football, Formula 1, boxing and other sports.


  1. Skype Qik


With Skype Qik you can send short videos to friends.


  1. Viadeo


It is a professional social network.


  1. Camera ZOOM FX


Adds to the Android camera many features and improves the quality of pictures taken.


  1. Bitmoji


It allows the user to create their own emoji.


  1. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords


With this app you can access music and chords for guitar and ukulele, in addition to lyrics.


  1. Golfshot: Golf GPS


Brings GPS mapping golf courses, information on the time and score cards.


  1. Amazing World Atlas


App developed for children aged between 9 and 11 years. It shows the main maps of the world in a fun and interactive way.


  1. Watchup


Brings together the leading video news for the user, based on their interests and favorite news channels.


  1. Windfinder


Provides information on the wind, waves, weather and global tides for kite surfing, windsurfing and surfing.


  1. Strive


Application for those seeking jobs. With the app you can filter sites, areas and positions.

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