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F-Droid app benefit is this it is very specific focus & F-Droid is free and open source software (FOSS) Apps Android. This is pretty basic, but there is a categorization and the list is searchable. You will find a great selection of free apps here and all promise not trace, no ads, and no dependencies. Worth checking out free apps, especially if you support the open source movement.

Obviously developers will only want to venture here if they plan to release their creations with no expectation of profit.

Samsung Apps


Most manufacturers try to motivate people to use their own applications and services. Some companies, like Sony, with fingers in lots of pies, I want you to commit to its ecosystem of content. As the manufacturer of the largest Android device and most successful around, Samsung offers a range of services and content on all your devices, and that includes apps. The old app was Samsung Apps, but he was replaced by S suggest in all Android devices. There is also a website you can go into and it allows you to browse apps and send them directly to your device.

I suggest that S must draw on a special algorithm to evaluate a bunch of data and vomiting intelligent recommendations tailored to you. On the surface it seems to recommend the same old suspects. There are a lot of categories, and it’s a slightly different view of the mass of Android apps on offer, so can help you find something new, but the search function is terrible.

For developers, there is a submission process that allows you to get your certified app. The income divide is a standard 70/30, with 70 percent for the developer and 30 percent for Samsung. As the number one manufacturer smartphone with app distribution throughout 125 countries, is probably worth considering.

Slide ME

Slide ME Android app store-   Android app store alternative has a global reach and a decent user base. It offers free applications and awarded in various categories and they all go through a quality control process. One of the attractions for users is available globally and support for multiple payment options including PayPal. It’s also easy to narrow down your search and you will find descriptions of good app.

There is probably a greater temptation for developers because Slide ME offers the opportunity to reach a wide audience internationally. Apps are more likely to stand out because the choice is more refined. Developers can set prices and choose to offer their free apps. There is also a network of ad slide ME. It is even possible to achieve a higher percentage of the revenue generated by your app with Slide ME, than the standard 70 percent, you’ll get in most places.

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