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Who walks quite by instagram may have seen, you have or follows some minimalist profile. Photos of the feet, clean scenarios of information, people jumping, symmetrical perspectives and stuff. Well, I will talk about some features in common profiles that...


Telephone scams that you should avoid

The rise of mobile devices also presents new opportunities for those who want to take advantage of users cashing using techniques that border on illegality. Frauds have always been there and now that variants of phone scams are even more...

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The smart phone as a teaching tool

A study on coverage and educational uses cell with students and teachers at two campuses of UABC presents. A random sample with 12% of students and 24% of teachers, who were applied a survey to ascertain the possession of cell,...


What is Ovi Store?

Ovi Store, download store and purchase of applications and services for Nokia is now fully operational. The process has been extended but we already have here. App stores for mobile phones will be crucial to the success or failure of...